Skilled Nurses

provide teaching and management on diseases; wound care including wound vac; medication management; ostomy care/education; IV therapies including medication, nutrition, fluids; and other services as prescribed.

Certified Nursing Assistants

assist after acute illness or injury with Activities of Daily Living until patient and family are able to perform these tasks.

Medical Social

assist in locating community resources available.

Speech Therapy

provide training, techniques to promote effective swallowing, cognition training, and speech techniques.

Occupational Therapy

works to improve Activities of Daily Living including bathing, dressing, grooming, transfers from bed to chair or tub/toilet.

Physical Therapy

focus to improve Range of Motion, mobility, endurance, gait, balance, strength, posture, safety awareness, fall prevention, and transfers.

PHHS Specialty Programs

We designed each of these programs to assis individuals, their families, and caregivers.

  • Cardiac Care– focusing on conditions affecting the heart
  • Pulmonary Rehabilitation– to assist patients to breathe easier
  • Diabetes Management– with or without insulin
  • Lymphedema Care– specialized therapy to decrease swelling and improve skin condition
  • Advanced Wound Care– individualized care to promote healing
  • Pediatric Care– caring for children with unique needs
  • Mobility and Motion– therapy focused plan to restore/regain function after fall, injury or joint replacement
  • Wellness Program– hospital admission/ readmission prevention
  • At Home Hospital– short- term semi acute care provided in home to include IV therapy, daily lab, X-Ray, EKG, oxygen
  • HOPE– Palliative care for those with life altering disease seeking active treatment

Home Health Eligibilty

To qualify for the Medicare Home Health Benefit an individual must:

  • Be under the care of a physician to certify the need for one or more services.
  • The physician must establish and periodically review the Plan of Care.
  • Services must be medically reasonable and necessary.
  • Meet Medicare homebound guidelines.
  • Live within a 50 mile radius of the agency.

What Our Clients Say About Us

"My nurses are professional and caring. I consider each one of them like family." -B.P.

"I couldn't have asked for better care, they were there for me through my difficult times, couldn't ask for better nurses." -M.C.

"They take good care of me, and are always on top of everything." -B.C.

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